Tuwaner Lamar

Dr. Tuwaner Hudson Lamar is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Morehouse College, a private Historically Black Liberal Arts College for Men. Her mathematical area of expertise is Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to Partial Differential Equations with Lidstone Boundary Conditions. After completing her PhD at Auburn University, Dr. Lamar spent nearly ten years working in industry where she did software engineering support for digital broadband communications networks. Dr. Lamar chairs the Outreach Committee in the Mathematics Department at Morehouse. At the beginning of each school year she invites boys and girls with their families to attend a workshop on campus with the primary goal of increasing participation in Math Competitions by members of underrepresented groups. Dr. Lamar designed an Online Math Placement process which led to the elimination of remedial math courses at Morehouse. She, also, leads the committee that connects students to employment opportunities with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship as a key co-component of work life.