Generative AI Workshops

When & Where


September 28–29, 2023



Registration deadline

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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ALL sessions will be recorded, except the Zoomside Chats.

Slides and video recordings will be made available after the workshops.

We invite our FRN community members to join us for a series of special programming: three virtual workshops and a “Zoomside Chat” around ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

The workshops will provide hands-on experience, recommended practices, and interactive discussions about generative AI and its use in and out of the classroom by having attendees converse with instructional technologists, educational designers, and other faculty members. The Zoomside Chats will allow faculty and staff to share experiences, ask questions, and exchange ideas about the challenges and advantages of using generative AI tools.

The sessions are tailored specifically for faculty and staff (instructional designers and educational technologists) who are creating assignments and assessments and/or crafting syllabi language around generative AI.

Each workshop and “Zoomside Chat” will be conducted twice, once on Thursday, September 28, 2023, 12:00–4:00pm ET and once on Friday, September 29, 2023, 8:00am–12:00pm ET via Zoom. You can attend one or all of the sessions on one or both days.

Please register to receive the Zoom links before the workshops and Zoomside chats begin. In the meantime, save the dates to your calendar!

Workshop Schedule

Hands–On with Generative AI

(60 minutes)

September 28 at 12:00pm ET  or
September 29 at 8:00am ET

Faculty new to generative AI will learn the basics of Large Language Models (LLMs such as ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, or Microsoft’s Bing), and privacy and ethical concerns.

To prepare for this session:

Evaluating & Acknowledging AI-Generated Text

(30 minutes)

September 28 at 1:00pm ET  or
September 29 at 9:00am ET

This librarian-led session will address ways faculty can better evaluate and acknowledge AI–generated text.

(Re)designing Assignments & Assessments Using Generative AI

(90 minutes)

September 28 at 1:30pm ET  or
September 29 at 9:30am ET

Faculty and staff will explore ways of designing and redesigning assignments and assessments that integrate generative AI tools and encourage their effective use where appropriate, as well as encourage originality and discourage over-reliance on AI. We’ll also discuss the ethical implications and potential misuse of AI tools in academic settings.

Zoomside Chat: Generative AI for Teaching & Learning

(60 minutes)

September 28 at 3:00pm ET  or
September 29 at 11:00am ET

Faculty can share experiences, ask questions, and exchange ideas about the challenges and advantages of using generative AI tools.