Miami skyline at sunset

November 2019

Critical Conversations and the Academy
A National Symposium
November 22–23, 2019

University of Miami
Miami, Florida

Symposium Overview

Spring 2020 Journal

In this issue:


Bringing Oysters Back to New York Harbor
Critical Conversations in the Academy: Engaging Students in Dialog with the [Present] Past
Encouraging Teachers to Adopt Inclusive Instructional Strategies
Expanding Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue Through Passion-Based Public Service Projects
Faculty and Student Perspectives Toward Best Practices of Undergraduate Research Mentoring Programs
Global Kinships: A Beginners’ Community-Based Research Agenda
HBCUs Punching Above Their Weight: Tougaloo College’s Re-Envisioning of the General Education Curriculum
Importance of Visuals in Class Discussions
Redirecting Students and Their Devices in a Business Classroom Environment
Reimagining Meaningful Online Class Interactions Utilizing Technology
Selling Emotions, Buying Ideas: Teaching Italian Through Advertsing
Student Perceptions of Content Delivery Methods in Marketing Hybrid Courses
Self-Regulated Learning in Organic Chemistry: A Platform for Promoting Learner Agency Among Women of African Descent
Teaching and Evaluating Communicative Techniques
The Courage to Speak of Diversity, Inclusive Excellence, and the Currency of Academic Freedom on the HBCU Campus
Using Maps to Promote Meaningful Interactions in Geography Classroom Discussions
What Do Ads, the Economy, Films and Laws Have in Common? A Transdisciplinary Approach to Enhance the Teaching–Learning Experience
Winning in Life’s Real ‘Shark Tank’: Mentoring Students via Critical Conversations