Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis cemetery in old San Juan, Puerto Rico

November 2011

Emerging Pedagogies for the New Millennium
A National Symposium
November 18–19, 2011

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras and University of the Sacred Heart
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Symposium Overview

Spring 2012 Journal

In this issue:


Framing the Educational Scenario: From Denial to Transformation


Accidentally Online: Working with Hybrid Classes
Authentic Learning Through Service Learning
Cross-Disciplinary Digital Literacy in the Age of Apps and Mobile Devices
The ‘CSI Effect’: Collaborating Forensic Science Education and Criminal Justice Education—One Criminology Program’s Experience
Developing Economics Students’ Research Skills in a Writing Intensive Online Environment
Faculty at the Core of the Academic Enterprise: Partnering to Create New Paradigms
Foundations for Growth: A Learning Community Pairing EGL 101 – Composition: Rhetoric and BUS 109 – Management Theories and Practices
Gender-Based Violence: A Focal Issue for Student Engagement and Learning
In a Nation of Immigrants: How Millennials in Digital Diasporas Influence the Classroom
Institutional Resistance to Innovations in Education
Integrating Level-Appropriate Online Information in Different Levels of Economics Courses
Introducing Social Justice Through Service Learning: The Spelman College Model
Just-in-Time Audio Files to Facilitate Student Learning Beyond the Classroom
Leveraging HIV in Curricular Innovation at Spelman College
Research Project-Based Undergraduate Course and Capstone Experiences: Strategies That Work
Service-Learning: New Models of Creative Instruction for Successful Teaching Strategies in the Millennium
Teaching About World Cultures Through Global Genres
Teaching First-Year Architecture Students Sustainable Construction Technology Through Active Problem-Based Learning and a Field Trip to a Sustainable Building
Technology and Learning: Perfect Together? How Students Evaluate Websites, Sources, and Online Learning
Transforming How We Teach: An Example of a Comprehensive Institution-Wide Effort at Farmingdale State College SUNY
Transforming Pedagogies, Practices, and Products: Innovations for Quality Education
Using Robotics to Improve Retention and Increase Engagement in an Undergraduate Freshman Programming Logic and Design Course
Value of Cogenerative Dialogues in STEM Learning
Voices Beyond the Classroom
Writing and Designing Your Future: A Learning Community That Combines English Composition with Art and Graphic Design