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Virtual Meetings Checklist

Please take a minute to read through the checklists below and improve your virtual experience as a convener or participant:
1. Internet Connection
  1. Test your internet speed or search for “internet speed test” and RUN SPEED TEST
    internet upload and download speeds below 25 Mbps can be an issue
    when playing back pre-recorded videos, upload speeds above 35 Mbps are recommended
  2. Close all unneeded applications
    Strongly suggested if you are a presenter or your computer RAM memory is below 16GB
  3. Join meetings from a location where you can use a fast, reliable, wired internet connection
    Wired connections are faster and more stable than wireless (WiFi or cellular) connections ● WiFi connections are faster and more reliable than cellular (3G/4G/LTE) connections
  4. Avoid bandwidth-intensive activities
    large downloads and large uploads, streaming video (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube…), cloud backups (Carbonite, CrashPlan…), cloud file synchronizations (OneDrive, Dropbox…)
2. SIGN IN WITH NYU ACCOUNT (SSO) :: Conveners and Hosts
  1. Sign out of all your Zoom accounts before joining a virtual program
    Sign in to the Zoom web portal > Click your profile picture in the top-right corner > Click SIGN OUT
  2. Sign in to NYU Zoom (https://nyu.zoom.us)
  3. Conveners and hosts should sign in with their NYU credentials unless prior arrangements have been made to do otherwise
  4. Test your audio, video, and breakout rooms at least 15 minutes before scheduled start time
  5. A few days before the virtual program, run a rehearsal to test your equipment, internet connection, and visual presentations
3. SIGN IN WITH Personal Account :: Participants and Guests
  1. Participants and guests should sign in with the same email address used at registration/invite
    (This will help avoid sign in errors and help manage breakout rooms more efficiently)
  2. Join virtual program 10 minutes before start time to test internet connection and set your mind at ease
  3. Test your microphone and speakers by joining a test meeting
  4. Update to the latest Zoom release for your desktop or mobile device regularly

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