Margie L. Álvarez-Rivera

Dr. Margie L. Álvarez-Rivera, a seasoned educational technologist with over a decade of expertise, is a dynamic force in online learning, emerging educational technologies, and classroom technology integration. As an educator, she has delivered impactful courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels, emphasizing the seamless integration of computer and technology into teaching methodologies. Driven by a passion for AI, Dr. Álvarez has actively developed graduate courses and professional certifications aimed at empowering educators in AI integration. In her diverse roles, she serves as a mentor to students, guiding them on topics such as simulations, Google algorithm biases, and effective post-pandemic LMS usage. Margie’s commitment to advancing education through innovative approaches is evident in her noteworthy contributions to digital citizenship and her dedication to teaching in non-traditional modalities. Additionally, she explores the significance of accessible education and advocates for increased women’s participation in educational technology.