Anastasia Logotheti

Anastasia Logotheti, PhD, is Professor of English at Deree College, the American College of Greece, where she has been teaching literature and academic writing for thirty-five years. She studied in the US at the Pennsylvania State University as a Fulbright scholar and holds a doctorate in contemporary British literature from the University of London. Dr Logotheti is interested in the pedagogy of teaching, which informed her tenure first as the Coordinator of the two ACG Writing Centers (2003-2010) and currently as the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center. Recent publications include “Digital Encounters with Shakespeare” in Research in Drama Education (2020) as well as chapters in the volumes Women Writing Trauma in Literature (2022) and Depictions of Pestilence in Literature, Media, and Art (2023). Dr Logotheti has published thirty-five articles in The Literary Encyclopedia on contemporary works by Kazuo Ishiguro, Graham Swift, and Ian McEwan. She is also the editor of the essay collection Crisis in Contemporary British Fiction (2023).