Suzanne Solensky

In challenging times, purpose and resilience matter more than ever. Suzanne Solensky works with people and organizations that want to sustain their mission while adapting approaches to nurturing the greater good. As a leader and creator of initiatives, she partners with purpose-driven organizations whether they wish to scale up, expand their reach, or stay the course during turmoil. Her work with nonprofits builds on my extensive experience in higher education. Because she was a first-generation student, going to college – especially an Ivy League school – opened up a world of possibilities. In turn, as a long-time teacher, advisor, and administrator in higher education, she has excelled at helping thousands of students achieve success and overcome obstacles as they made the transition to college, enhanced academic opportunities, and stayed on track for graduation. She continues to teach and advise with a passion for learning and a commitment to the personal growth and social enrichment it can facilitate, both now and in years to come. LinkedIn