US capitol building in Washington DC at sunrise

November 2015

Advancing Social Justice from Classroom to Community
A National Symposium
November 20–21, 2015

New York University
Washington, D.C.

Symposium Overview

Spring 2016 Journal

In this issue:

Plenary Panel


Advancing Social Justice from Classroom to Community
African Traditional Thought and the Civil Rights Circle: Multi-Cultural Connections for Moving Justice from Classroom to Community
BOLD in Detroit: A Campus–Community Partnership
Bringing the Classroom to the Community Through Service Learning
Connecting Civil Rights to the Universe
Curriculum Design for Equity and Excellence
Engaging College Faculty and Students in the Realities of Bullying and Sexual Assault at a Major Metropolitan University
Improve Learning Through Activities Outside of the Classroom
Lights, Camera, Justice! Reimagining Social Justice Through Screenwriting
Promoting Social Justice Through Service Learning
The Role of the Citizen Journalist as a Guardian of Social Justice
Social Justice: A National Imperative
Social Justice Through Community Outreach: The STEM Diversity Roundtable and Summit
A Training Ground for Women of Color in STEM: Spelman College Tackles the STEM Pipeline as a Social Justice Issue
Universities’ Compliance with Title IX OCR Directives: Do the New Sexual Harassment/Sexual Offense Policies Advance Social Justice?
Using Technology in Teaching Social Justice in the Social Sciences
Voices of the Next Generation: Preparing Teacher Candidates to Become Advocates for Social Justice
W.E.B. Du Bois Faculty Student Research Experience: A Social Justice Initiative at Farmingdale State College