Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis cemetery in old San Juan, Puerto Rico

November 2014

The Global Imperative for Higher Education
A National Symposium
November 21–22, 2014

University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Symposium Overview

Spring 2015 Journal

In this issue:


Keynote Address: The Evolution of a Global Network University
Remarks from the President of the University of the Sacred Heart
Remarks from the President of the University of Puerto Rico


Classroom Culture: Learning in a Globalized Classroom
Creating a Culture That Fosters Global Citizens
Cultural Literacy: Educating Students from Diverse Ethnic, Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds
Fostering Global Citizenship and Leadership Through the Wagner Plan for the Practical Liberal Arts
Global Education: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters
The Globalized Writer: How Technologies Like Wattpad Create Global Audiences for Student Writers
Globalizing the History Class: Strategies for Globalizing the Classroom and the Curriculum in History
The Historical, Cultural and Social Context of Affirmative Action in Higher Education
How Can Colleges and Universities Assist International Students in Their Classroom and Campus Culture?
Promoting Global Engagement in Chemistry
Realizing Our Institutional Missions: Engaging Present and Past Heroes to Inspire Modern Global Leadership and Service
Reflections on Improving the Quality of Life of Alzheimer’s Patients
The Seven Pillars Model of Global Competency: Creating Greater Global Perspectives
Using Technology in the Classroom to Promote Global Education
We Are the World, We Are the People: Understanding Ourselves as Global Citizens