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Defining and Promoting Student Success

A National Symposium

Fall 2008


1. Plenary Panel
2. Presentations

From the Executive Director

Throughout the last decade, different parties-from government officials to university faculty members and administrators to parents and students themselves-have been involved in trying to define what is meant by “student success.” The heavy onset of legislative rulings and recommendations, such as the Spellings Commission, the Higher Education Act, and No Child Left Behind, to name a few, has resulted in continuing debates over issues ranging from the merit of standardized tests to the importance of curriculum design and the role of teaching excellence. Still, we are left to grapple with two tough questions: What is student success? and How do we cultivate it?

In November 2008 faculty members and other representatives of Faculty Resource Network institutions addressed these questions and issues during a national symposium on “Defining and Promoting Student Success,” hosted by the University of San Francisco in San Francisco, California.

During the two-day symposium, through keynote presentations, plenary panels, and breakout sessions, attendees were provided with the opportunity to consider a range of issues related to student success, including learning styles and theories of intelligence, student preparation, access to higher education, and teaching effectiveness. Through sharing experiences and information on these and other timely topics, symposium participants shared new and effective practices to helping our students achieve success.

In this sixth issue of our online NETWORK: A Journal of Faculty Development, we present excerpts from a number of the presentations that were delivered during that symposium.

Debra M. Szybinski
Executive Director, Faculty Resource Network

Plenary Panel

Moving from Scientific Research to Education Research: What are the Questions? How Do We Answer Them? What Have We Learned?
Excerpts from the Keynote address
Diane Ebert-May, Michigan State University

The Classroom: The Foundation for Student Success
Excerpts from the Keynote address
Download PowerPoint Presentation
George Kuh, Indiana University

Diverse Perspectives on Student Success
Excerpts from the plenary Panel
Margarita Benitez, The Education Trust

Diverse Perspectives on Student Success
Excerpts from the plenary Panel
Marilee Bresciani, San Diego State University

Diverse Perspectives on Student Success
Excerpts from the plenary Panel
Patrick Love, Pace University

Diverse Perspectives on Student Success
Excerpts from the plenary Panel
Bettye Parker Smith, Dillard University


Accreditation Standards and Student Learning: The Case of the Business Schools
Presentation excerpts
Beatriz Rivera, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Maribel Huertas, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras

Best Practices in Mentoring
Excerpts from the Special Committee Session chaired
Dr. Gerardo Marin, University of San Francisco

Counseling First Year Non-Traditional Students
Presentation excerpts
Jeania Adams, Bergen Community College

Critical Inquiry: A Comprehensive Strategy for Student Success
Presentation excerpts
Martha J. Bell, Brooklyn College/CUNY
Robert J. Kelly, Brooklyn College/CUNY
Sharona A. Levy, Brooklyn College/CUNY

Defining and Promoting Student Success through the DIllard University Building Engagement and Attainment for Minority Students (BEAMS) Project
Presentation excerpts
Toya-Barnes Teamer, Dillard University
Henrietta Harris, Dillard University
Kevin J. Bastian, Dillard University
Danneal Jones, Dillard University

Faculty’s Role in Student Success: Engagement in and outside of the Classroom
Presentation excerpts
Sylvia Carey-Butler, UNCF Institute for Capacity Building
Clarissa Myrick-Harris, UNCF Institute for Capacity Building

Failing is NOT an Option
Presentation excerpts
Rebecca Mushtare, Marymount Manhattan College

First Year Students’ Definitions of Success
Presentation excerpts
Sonia V. Gonsalves, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Ramya Vijaya, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Multicultural Educational Issues: Research Focus on Theories, Models, and Strategies Involving Student Learning, Adjustment, and Success
Presentation excerpts
Luz O. Moreno, Berkeley City College
Betty Taylor, University of San Francisco
Rod Waters, University of California, Santa Cruz
Gregory V. Wolcott, University of San Francisco

Playing to Their Strengths: Using Student Produced Animations to Teach and Learn Biology Concepts
Presentation excerpts
Lynn A. Petrullo, The College of New Rochelle

Service Learning and the Freshman Seminar: Diversity and Cultural Awareness
Presentation excerpts
Wayne M. Tanna, Chaminade University
Richard Kido, Chaminade University
Candice Sakuda, Chaminade University
Michael Fassiotto, Chaminade University

Seeking Factors For and Promoting Student Academic Success
Presentation excerpts
Nan Li, Claflin University

Student Success Redefined
Presentation excerpts
Patricia Carey, Claflin University

Success Through Careful Reading
Presentation excerpts
Thai-Duong Tran, Huston Tillotson University

Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning for Student (and Teacher) Success
Presentation excerpts
Ludmila Smirnova, Mount Saint Mary College

The Importance of Using Youth Culture as an Instructional Tool
Presentation excerpts
Jon Yasin, Bergen Community College

Using Technology to Promote Student Success: Strengthening Information Literacy Skills in Distributed Education Classes
Presentation excerpts
Mary Ann Trail, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey