Faculty Resource Network

An academic partnership devoted to faculty development. Now in our fourth decade, we remain committed to this partnership, and to fostering connection, collaboration, and collegiality among our members.

Semester Scholar-in-Residence

The Semester Scholar-in-Residence program allows Network faculty who are either on leave or sabbatical from their home institution to come to New York University to engage in research, develop curricula, and/or produce manuscripts for publication during the Fall or Spring semester. The program allows Scholars to explore new dimensions in their disciplines, to engage in intellectual exchange and investigate resources not available to them at their home institutions, to broaden their own pedagogical expertise, to enrich existing courses or create new ones, and to expand professional contacts. Participation in the SIR program not only enhances the faculty member’s knowledge and skills, but also significantly contributes to the intellectual environment of their home institutions as they share what they learn with their colleagues and students.

Research Consultants

Throughout their residency at the University, Scholars confer periodically with New York University faculty who serve as Research Consultants and who are both aware of the Scholar’s project and knowledgeable in their field. Each Research Consultant is able to offer collegial discussion, professional and constructive criticism, and information on New York City and NYU resources. The Network identifies each Research Consultant and provides the contact information of the Consultant during the orientation meeting. The ties that develop between Research Consultants and Network Scholars often become the basis of on-going professional relationships that last well beyond the period of direct participation in the Scholar-in-Residence program.

Library Access

Network Scholars have reading and borrowing privileges at the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, one of the largest open-stack research libraries in the world. To use the library, Scholars must swipe their NYU Identification Card at the turnstiles in the front lobby. Aside from the books, periodicals, documents, and digital resources available at Bobst and other NYU libraries, NYU has cooperative borrowing arrangements with numerous New York City and university libraries. Please consult the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library website for more information.

Digital resources may be accessed by logging in with the Scholar’s NetId and password.

Auditing Courses

During the fall and spring semesters, Semester Scholar-in-Residence may audit one course offered at NYU’s Washington Square Campus. All course audit requests are subject to the approval of the course instructor and are dependent upon space availability. Additionally, visiting faculty are not permitted to audit courses either in the professional schools or the School of Professional Studies.

  • APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR FALL 2020: Friday, February 21, 2020
    (Fall 2020 semester: Wednesday, September 9 – Friday, December 4, 2020)
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR SPRING 2021: Monday, September 28, 2020
    (Spring 2021 semester: Wednesday, January 27 – Friday, May 7, 2021)

Semester Scholar-in-Residence

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