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2017 National Symposium


Engaging with Diversity in the College Classroom

November 17-18, 2017

New Orleans, Louisiana

Call for Proposals

Proposal Submission Deadline
Friday April 21, 2017

Symposium Description

In recent years, higher education in the United States has been called to confront and respond to issues of diversity to ensure that all students have a real place—and a real chance for success—in college. While diversity can be considered in many contexts, this symposium focuses on one: the classroom. How can faculty members engage productively with diversity in our classrooms, in ways that enable and enrich student learning?

The college classroom today looks and sounds very different than it did even a decade ago, and it will look even more different a decade hence. Students from previously underrepresented minorities, transgender students, international students, first-generation students, transfer students, commuters, veterans, students with disabilities, and other students with varied backgrounds and degrees of preparation are all contributing to classroom diversity. What are the implications of this new educational landscape, and how are faculty members implementing pedagogies, curricula, and other classroom practices that support students’ educational success?

Areas of consideration will include: how to show respect for students’ diverse identities and perspectives; how to create and sustain inclusive classroom environments; and how to discuss diversity in a political climate that has become increasingly charged. Other topics to be explored will include recognizing and acknowledging bias, using inclusive language, and diversifying curricula and methods of instruction across disciplines.

The 2017 Faculty Resource Network National Symposium, taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana, will address these challenging questions by drawing on our collective experience and expertise as scholars, educators, and administrators. We look forward to holding our sessions at FRN institutions Xavier University and Dillard University.

Breakout Sessions and Poster Topics

We invite breakout sessions and poster topics in all areas related to the theme of this symposium. We particularly encourage submissions that illustrate how participation in an FRN-sponsored activity (e.g., a Network Summer or Network Winter seminar, time spent as a Scholar-in-Residence, etc.) has influenced your research and teaching.

Examples of suitable topics are listed below but other submissions are welcome:

  • Educating multiple generations, diversities and cultures in the classroom
  • Promoting the retention and success of first-generation students
  • Teaching international students
  • Educating military veterans
  • Supporting students with disabilities
  • Educating the prison population
  • Using educational technologies to enhance student engagement
  • Understanding and addressing the diverse learning styles and needs of 21st century students
  • Using evidence-based strategies to increase student success and equitable learning outcomes

Guidelines for Submission of Proposals

ABSTRACT: We request a one-page abstract (between 300-500 words) of the intended breakout session or poster presentation. The abstract should outline the content and structure of the session, together with its intellectual merit and education value for the symposium participants. The abstract should include the names, institutional affiliations and contact information for each presenter. Please clearly indicate whether your proposal is for a breakout session or a poster presentation.

BREAKOUT SESSION: Breakout sessions are scheduled for one hour. We encourage submissions by a group of 2-4 presenters, which emphasize collaboration and are organized around a common theme. Proposals submitted by individuals (if accepted) will be combined with other proposal topics within the breakout session.

POSTER PRESENTATION: Poster presentations may be submitted by individuals or by groups of any size.

Proposal submission deadline: Friday, April 21, 2017.

Please send your abstract and supporting documentation as an email attachment to: frn@nyu.edu

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