Faculty Resource Network

An academic partnership devoted to faculty development. Now in our fourth decade, we remain committed to this partnership, and to fostering connection, collaboration, and collegiality among our members.

Network Winter

Building upon the popularity of Network Summer, one of the largest and most successful faculty development programs in the nation, Network Winter offers faculty a new opportunity to study a topic of importance to their teaching and research in a collegial environment during winter intersession, a time when many faculty members have a break in their academic schedule.

The week-long, intensive seminars are convened by distinguished faculty members from colleges and universities throughout the country. The seminars run concurrently and cover a broad range of disciplines. Through lectures, field trips, presentations, research, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive discussions, participants are exposed to the most recent scholarship in their fields while being given the opportunity to develop teaching and curriculum strategies for direct classroom application.

Successful applicants are provided with housing accommodations, breakfast and lunch, as well as reading materials required for the program. Participants will cover their own travel expenses.

Network Winter 2022

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