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2020 Highlights

Fall 2020 workshops

Workshops Fall 2020 By Robert DiYanni


Dear FRN Faculty:

The Center for Faculty Advancement offered workshops designed to help NYU Faculty and faculty from FRN institutions develop, write, and publish books and articles in their respective disciplines. The first workshops, which ran in June and July, focused on publishing books—both academic books and college textbooks. The workshops were be led by Dr. Robert DiYanni, Adjunct Professor of Humanities, and Instructional Consultant for the Center for Faculty Advancement.

We offered this fall those book publishing workshops and added new workshops. The first two fall sessions repeated the workshop devoted to writing a book proposal. There were two sessions: one for those writing a college textbook proposal and another for those writing an academic book proposal. Fall 2020 workshops focused on specific aspects of the book publishing process and followed at 2-week intervals, beginning in mid-September and concluding in early November. Morning and afternoon sessions offered for each workshop to accommodate people working in different time zones and with different teaching schedules. Each session, thus, offered twice, according to the schedule below.

Writing a Book Proposal (College Textbooks)
Recorded ► Tuesday, September 15

Writing a Book Proposal (Academic Books)
Recorded ►Wednesday, September 30

Responding to Reviews
Recorded ►Tuesday, October 13

Securing and Evaluating a Book Contract
Recorded ►Tuesday, October 27

Securing Permission for Copyrighted Material
Recorded ►Wednesday, November 4

Academic Writing: Clarity, Coherence, Cogency
Recorded ►Tuesday, November 17 & Wednesday, November 18

Commitment: The true path to leadership

Daniel Rodriguez-Howell, PhD, MSN

Daniel Rodriguez-Howell, PhD, MSN

Daniel Rodríguez-Howell, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (Interim) at University of Puerto Rico-Humacao has published: Commitment: The true path to leadershipCompromiso: El verdadero paso al liderazgo

FRN Tribute to Louis Delsarte: Renowned Artist and Long-Time Scholar in Residence

Louis Delsarte

Louis Delsarte (1944-2020)

The Faculty Resource Network wishes to pay special tribute to its long-time participant and resident scholar, Louis Delsarte, the artist renowned for his abstract expressionism, fantasy, and symbolism, who passed away on May 2, 2020, in Atlanta, Georgia. Dubbed “a painter for the people,” Delsarte often expressed his “love for faces and forms,” and stated in a September 2018 interview that his work, organic and spontaneous, emerged from his imagination.

Delsarte received his BFA from the Pratt Institute and his MFA from the University of Arizona. His much-acclaimed work is exhibited throughout the country, at venues including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, the Camille Hanks Crosby Museum at Spelman College, and Harvard Art Museum, among many other notable museums and galleries. His mural projects, including the 129-foot mural “Dreams, Visions and Change,” dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King in Atlanta, garnered the strong support of the King family. And, his monumental public mural “Spirit of Harlem” stands prominently on 125th Street in New York City. Delsarte also served as an associate professor in the creative and performing arts department at Morehouse College, a role he deemed of great significance.

His extraordinary talent and his “love for faces and forms,” evidenced both in his completed works and in the sketches he continually made in his ubiquitous sketchbook, often captured his fellow FRN Scholars in Residence. His genuine interest in his fellow scholars, his understated and quiet demeanor, his warm smile, and his wry sense of humor, deeply endeared him to his fellow FRN scholars. The mutual affection and interest displayed by the scholars in Louis Delsarte and his work cannot be overstated. His loss is keenly felt by all those who were fortunate enough to share periods of FRN residencies with him and to cultivate lasting friendships. As observed by his fellow FRN scholars, “his presence brightened our world at FRN”; “we were all very fortunate to know him and benefit from his talent and spirit.”

Louis Delsarte

Louis Delsarte (1944-2020)

Videos: Publication Workshops Summer 2020

An Overview of the Book Publication Process
Recorded ► Tuesday, June 16

Writing a Book Proposal, Part 1
Recorded ► Tuesday, June 30

Writing a Book Proposal, Part 2
Recorded ► Tuesday, July 14

Securing and Evaluating a Book Contract
Recorded ► Recorded Tuesday, July 28

Teaching for Social Justice with Comics at SXSW 2020

Jennine Doc Krueger, Kimberly Woo, Heather Woodley

Jennine Doc Krueger, Kimberly Woo, Heather Woodley  

Three diverse comic-nerd-educators come together to explore comics as a cultural and educational lens – allegories for society, reflections of self, and fantasies of change in the classroom and the world. As a subversive artform itself, we rethink comic’s role beyond children’s literacy into a framework of social justice education for all learners through specific texts (Black Panther, La Borinqueña, X-Men, and more), films, TV, and participatory fan culture including fanart and cosplay.

Audio/Transcript: How to Publish an Academic Book or College Textbook Workshop

The audio and transcript for the Publishing Workshop held at NYU on February 27th is now available. Those who attended had the opportunity to engage in conversation about how to publish an academic book or college textbook. The workshop was led by Dr. Robert DiYanni, Adjunct Professor of Humanities, and Instructional Consultant at the Center for Faculty Advancement. DiYanni has published 40 books with major publishers including Random House, McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, Pearson, and Princeton University Press.

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