Leadership Initiative

Faculty Resource Network

An academic partnership devoted to faculty development. Now in our fourth decade, we remain committed to this partnership, and to fostering connection, collaboration, and collegiality among our members.

Leadership Initiative

The FRN Leadership Initiative will prepare emerging leaders to transform their own campuses by getting them to recognize opportunities to lead up, down, and sideways. This program will also build a leadership community across the FRN for continuing leaders who want to facilitate change and maximize collaboration within and between institutions. Ultimately, the goal of this program is to contribute to the transformation of the higher education ecosystem.

We are launching two pilots for our FRN Leadership Initiative in spring 2021: a leadership series and a Dare To Lead Book Club. The grant for this initiative requires that participants teach or lead in the core humanities and arts disciplines or from departments strongly inflected by the humanities, such as communication, geography, or anthropology, whose work is primarily based on cultural/historical analysis.

We will accept up to 30 participants for the series pilot and up to 60 participants for the book pilot.

FRN Leadership Initiative Pilot Spring 2021